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N&P Maritime is your preferred RWO Veolia Service Company in Singapore

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N&P Maritime offers 100% genuine spare parts from RWO GmbH
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Oily Water Separators
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RWO Trained & Certified Technicians in Singapore
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Consolidated Shipping
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Bizsafe Level 4
Attained Singapore WSH Council Bizsafe Level 4 Safety Standard since 2014. Safer work practises for customers and employees
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Our workers are insured for works carried out within Singapore and Public Liability insured by AIG Insurance in accordance to local legal requirements. No troubles to customers should incident occurs


For over 45 years, RWO has been supplying future-proof solutions for marine water treatment – made in Germany. The product portfolio includes equipment for the treatment of drinking and process water as well as systems for pollution prevention such as oily water separators or sewage treatment plants.  

Today RWO is recognized as a technological leader in the field of oil/water-separation with over 16.000 units delivered worldwide. More than 40 sales and service stations ensure short communication links and local availability of trained service engineers. The intelligent spare parts supply enables the rapid delivery of customized kits, which minimizes maintenance intervals as well as freight and operating costs. RWO offers an individually designed range of services: around the world, around the clock, 365 days a year.
RWO Certificate of Attendance
The current top selling products from RWO GmbH are the OWS-COM (Oily Water Separator) and CS-BIO (Sewage Treatment Plant).
RWO GmbH is supporting the service and spare parts for following range of OWS:

1. Skit DEB 0.1 / Skit DEB 0.25 / Skit DEB 0.5 / Skit DEB 1.0 / Skit DEB 1.5 / Skit DEB 2.5 / Skit DEB 5.0 / Skit DEB 10.0

2. Skit S/DEB 0.1 / Skit S/DEB 0.25 / Skit S/DEB 0.5 / Skit S/DEB 1.0 / Skit S/DEB 1.5 / Skit S/DEB 2.5 / Skit S/DEB 5.0 / Skit S/DEB 10.0

3. OWS-COM 0.1 / OWS-COM 0.25 / OWS-COM 0.5 / OWS-COM 1.0 / OWS-COM 2.5 / OWS-COM 5.0 / OWS-COM 10.0

N&P as the Singapore service station for RWO, is able to supply and service above mentioned models of RWO Oily Water Separators/ Sewage Treatment Plants

N&P service team is trained by both RWO GmbH and Deckma for both Oily water separator unit servicing/troubleshoot and Oil Content Monitor calibration/troubleshoot

We also provide measuring cell exchange program. We will send vessel a certified, refurbished unit to install on their equipment. While at the same time, send their existing measuring cell for repair/calibration at the factory.

RWO Certificate of Attendance

Singapore RWO Spare Parts Inventory

Below is a snippet of the RWO Spare Parts Inventory List that are available in our Singapore warehouse. We re-stock 3 times a year to replenish diminished parts. We also stock & store for ships that frequent Singapore port to ensure 100% availability when the parts are requested.

Speak to our friendly staff today to learn more!
Zhenjiang Marine Auxiliary Machinery Works
Spares for the Main tank

- Coalescer Material 1.0/ 2.5 / 5.0/ 10.0 version
- Drain Ball Valve
- Piston Valve
- Bottom Fittings
- Cover Fittings
- Coalescer Key
- Heating Element
- Cover Gasket Coalescer
Zhenjiang Marine Auxiliary Machinery Works
Spares for the Secondary tank

- Absorber Cartridge Filter
- Connection Fitting
- Cover Gasket Absorber
- Bottom Gasket Absorber
- Pressure Gauge
- Solenoid Valve

Zhenjiang Marine Auxiliary Machinery Works
Spares for 15ppm Oil Monitor Device

- Dessicator
- O-Ring set
- Cell Brush
- Service Kit
- Function Test Kit
More RWO Veolia Spare Parts
Other Spares

- CPU Main Board
- Fuses
- Pump parts
- Non Return Valves
- Sacrificial Anodes
- Sensor Electrode
- Stator
- Chemical for Sewage Treatment Plant
- and more...