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Immersion Suit

N&P Singapore is an authorized sales and service agent for Aquata Immersion Suits.

When 2006 the SOLAS regulation for immersion suits became valid, Aquata German Manufacturer of Immersion suits delivered more than 160,000 suits worldwide (6000 within Japan)

Now after nearly 10 years the lifetime of the suits according to SOLAS is coming to an end, and now the suits should be inspected by authorized service station annually.

By economical reasons it does not make sense to go on with the continuous testing, as costs for repeated short time tests are higher than a new suit. Aquata has developed and produced a new range of Economy suits that are high in quality due to well structured manufacturing system and yet competitively priced. The ECO models fulfill all requirements of SOLAS but are manufactured with cheaper raw materials without compromise  in the workmanship. Workmanship determines whether a suit lasts months or years. Many of our suits are still working after 10 years therefore, we have a lot of repeating customers that continues to choose us over our competitors.

Our Premium range of immersion suits are also available for customers that are mostly used from high safety concern  ship owners, such as tankers, cold water shipping or owners who like to have the best available product for the safety of their crew.