oily water separator

Oily Water Separator

In line with RWO Veolia’s mission to provide clients with superior service, N&P Singapore has been appointed as the official service and selling spare parts agent for RWO’s Oily Water Separator in the country. RWO is a trusted global leader in the marine water treatment industry with over 40 years of experience under their belt. It is the leading supplier of oily water separators in the world that has equipped more than 15,000 ships since its inception in 1975. As a pioneer in the industry, RWO continues to deliver first-rate and innovative marine water treatment technology worldwide.

Certified by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the RWO oily water separating system utilises a combination of a highly effective open porous coalescer with periodical backflushing and a second stage emulsion, which breaks down oil and removes traces of hydrocarbon contaminants. In compliance of the IMO Resolution MEPC.107(49), the automatic backflushing feature in the RWO oily water separator keeps the system clean which lessens the need for constant attendance and maintenance.

Reliably reaches the 5 ppm limit confirmed by international maritime certification bodies DNV GL and LR.

Features of the RWO Oily Water Separator:

  • Oil Content Monitor
    All RWO oily water separators come with an oil content monitor. This monitor is equipped with a 15 ppm oil content alarm device that ensures that the machine does not go beyond the IMO Resolution MEPC.107 (49) that states that bilge water shouldn’t go above 15ppm. During the flushing of the alarm device, the three-way diverting valve is in recirculation mode (automatic stopping device). An extra three-way valve, according to the IMO Resolution, is installed downstream of the oily water separator in the overboard line to recirculate the water to ensure an effective separating process.
  • Automatic Bypass
    The RWO oily water separator comes fitted with an automatic bypass system to extend the operating life of the demulsifier. It works with the oil content monitor to ensure that the system is working efficiently and effectively. If the water quality is below the set maximum value, the demulsifing process is circumvented. Thus, it results in lower operational costs and prolongs the product life of the RWO oily water separator.

Type Approved according to MEPC.107 (49) by DGUV

Confirmed by USCG, LR, MED, RMRS, ABS, BV, CCS

Key Advantages of the RWO Oily Water Separator:

  • Compact 
    The RWO Oily Water Separator’s small build helps minimise bulk in newly built and retrofitted ships.
  • Easy to Install & Maintain 
    The RWO Oily Water Separator is one of the easiest to install in its class. Apart from this, it is also really easy to maintain
  • Economical 
    The automatic bypass function of the RWO Oily Water Separator proves lower operational costs.
  • Suction Type 
    The suction type preserves pump from attrition.
  • Safe 
    The Oil Content Monitor helps ensure that bilge water doesn’t go beyond 15ppm.
  • New and Improved 
    The current OWS-COM system has improved hydrodynamics for longer polisher lifetime.



Depending on our customer’s demands, we offer an individually designed range of services. With RWO’s large service network, and competence in process engineering, RWO has optimized their service offer.

The service range includes: 

  • Full service including preventive maintenance, repairs, spare parts supply, replacement of filter material, troubleshooting
  • Optimization and updating of the control and measuring technology – Oil Monitor Device & Sensor
  • Support helpline: standby with agreed response times
  • Training of the operating staff
  • Stock up of common spare parts for shorter downtime