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Everlux Photoluminescent Safety Signs & Systems

Exemplary Quality since 1989.
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Life-saving appliance - IMO Signs/Marine Safety Signs
Escape Route Signs & Low Location Lighting Systems
IMO Fire Control Signs & Fire Fighting Equipment Signs
High Quality Material Signs for Super Yachts
Safety Awareness and Training Procedure Signs as well as General Safety Awareness Notices
Warning, Mandatory & Prohibition Signs and many more...
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The Everlux Photoluminescent Sign Benefits

Number of ships serviced
Hundreds and Thousands of Standard IMO Maritime Safety Signs Designs available to choose from
Average technician experience
5 Days
Order Spares before 1600hrs SGT and get them delivered within 5 working days
Fastest turnaround time
Our Standard Rigid Plastic Safety Signs are covered under a 1-to-1 Exchange 12 months Warranty against Factory Quality issues
Maker and Classification Certificates
If you have a specific design that you require, you will be pleased to know that we have in house designers to customise your photoluminescent safety signs
Consolidated Shipping
We ship our Photoluminescent Signs Worldwide using UPS. Technically we can send our signs to any Country that UPS service
Consolidated Shipping
NO Minimum Order Quantity
We are happy even if your order is for just 1 sign

Technical Properties

Everlux photoluminescent products are manufactured to the highest technical standards using state of art equipment, thus ensuring we off the best available photoluminescent quality for safety signs.

Everlux photoluminescent safety signs comply with IMO Resolutions, SOLAS Convention and ISO Standards. Check out our signage's technical properties and compare them to regulations requirements. Our products exceed every requirement.
Everlux tech specs
Base material: Avaiable in Photoluminescent rigid plastic 1.2 +/- 0.1mm thickness or self-adhesive photoluminescent vinyl stickers
Printing: Silk screen, high quality gloss paint with UV resistance and an indoor durability in excess of 5 years
Fire resistance: Flame retardant according to IEC 60092-101:2002 and IMO FTPC Part 5 (IMO Res. A. 653(16)).
Surface: Antistatic and easy to clean
Chemical characteristics: Non-radioactive, non-phosphorous, lead-free and non poisonous

How to Determine Photoluminescent Sign Size and Viewing Distance

The size of the sign is defined by the maximum viewing distance from which the sign is understandable. According to ISO 3864-1:2011, the viewing distance at which a sign of a particular size is conspicuous and comprehensible depends on the illumination of the sign.

To check the viewing distance of a specific sign, please scroll down.
LSA, Escape Route and FFA signs Chart
Life-saving and emergency equipment, escape route and fire fighting equipment signs
Mandatory & Prohibition signs Chart
Mandatory and Prohition action signs

Exception signs Chart
Exception signs
Hazard signs Chart
Hazard signs

See Everlux Safety Signs in Action

Time-lapsed video showing Everlux Safety Signs in Blackout condition and the luminance of the signs over time.
A split screen video comparing lit condition and blackout condition, simulating a person evacuating a room in total darkness.