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Internal Clock Accuracy on Deckma Hamburg Bilge Alarm Monitors

The OMD series MEPC.107(49) 15ppm bilge alarms are equipped with an electronic data recording device that uses GMT(UTC) as the standard time. This device has a fixed internal clock that cannot be modified or calibrated by the user.

The internal clock is verified to be within +/- 2 minutes of GMT during the final quality check, and it is expected to maintain this accuracy for a long time, with minimal drift. However, depending on the environmental conditions and especially temperatures, the internal clock may deviate from the actual GMT time over time. Minor deviations of a few minutes are not a problem. For larger deviations, it is advisable to document the difference from GMT e.g., once a year, for clarity and proper interpretation of the data.

Only if the deviation exceeds +/- 10 minutes, it is recommended to return the device to the factory for clock adjustment. If sudden changes in deviation from GMT occur, it is recommended to return the device for diagnosis/repair.

Deckma OMD.

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