December 21, 2020

Based on client's requests, N&P Maritime now provides in-house Release Gear Inspection, Overhaul and Load Test service. Note that this is for detachable Rescue boat, Life Raft or Combination type of Release gear. As we are approved by Wuxi Xingsheng, Wuxi Mingzi, Qingdao Beihai and Mansei for inspection and certification of their Release Gears, we are finding more and more requests for such services in case the ship has does not have plans for service technicians to board the ship, the annual inspection of other equipment are performed by other parties or the other service providers are not doing load test on-site.

(Release Gear for Rescue boat and Life Raft)

We have a simple 6 steps process for performing such services, with help from the ship's crew.

(6 Steps process)

Step 1: The crew will need to help remove the Release Gear from the Launching Appliance. Normally, it is locked with cotter pin or set screw. The process for removing such Release Gear is only 10-15 mins if it was not particularly rusted or overly painted.

Step 2: The Release Gear may be passed to the service boat ferrying any shore service technicians or ship's agent. The service boat will then be informed by agent to hand over the Release Gear to the boat counter. Remember to include a off-landing note indicating the item is sent for shore service and will be returned to the ship.

Step 3: Our technician will pick up the Release Gear from the boat counter and informing the ship's agent upon collection. An estimated time for service and return of the item will be notified to the agent as well.

Step 4: Our technician will arrive in our workshop about 30 mins later for service work. After servicing, he shall perform the load test with 150kg, 200kg or 110% load, depending on the job scope and equipment. Once everything has been completed satisfactory, he shall prepare a certificate for the ship and email to Captain cc to Class Surveyor. If the Class Surveyor wants to see the load test, we can record a video or make a video call.

Step 5: The Release Gear and original certificate shall be returned to the boat counter specified by agent. Normally the boat fetching returning technicians will send the item to ship.

Step 6: Ship's crew will install the Release Gear to the launching appliance.

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