RWO Oily Water Separator Health Check & Calibration

Francis Wong
Francis Wong
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9th Aug 2023, our service engineer for RWO oil water separator was mobilized for a 15ppm OMD (oil monitor device) calibration work (in accordance to MEPC 107(49). Unlike others, our calibration includes the health check of the oily water separator (OWS).

RWO GmbH's concept is, the OMD is part and one of the OWS, and should always be checked during the visit. If the calibration is only done and ignoring if the OWS is functioning, then it defeats the purpose of the service visit.

Upon visit, our engineer will visit the C/E (Chief Engineer) and request that oily water separator to be turned on and run. He will make sure that there is no error messages from the system, general condition of the OWS and OMD is visually okay, and sampling water passed the 15ppm requirement.

A RWO oily water separator model Skit S/DEB 10.0

Next, he will check if the ship has 1 set of spare coalescer, 1 complete set of absorber polisher and other consumable parts available for replacement.

0 ppm test

Then, he will first perform the fresh water test to make sure that the result is 0 ppm (free of any oil particles)

Genuine test liquid from DECKMA (available from RWO)

Our engineer once completed the 0 ppm test, will prepare the test liquid (genuine part from DECKMA) to perform another 2 tests with pre-determined mixture and results. In case the readings are off, we will be able to make small adjustments, and if it is far off, then a factory calibration will be required.

4-5 ppm test

First test - 5ppm. We want to get a return of close to the intended result as possible.

15 ppm test

Second test - 15ppm. Once both results concluded, we will issue a "Calibration Check Certificate" on behalf of the OMD manufacturer DECKMA, to the ship. A copy of the report sent to DECKMA for audit purposes. Total time spent onboard the vessel to perform the service is around 3 hours, sufficient for must port calls.

N&P Maritime offers a 5% discount on all spares ordered during services such as this calibration check.

N&P Maritime is an authorized Singapore based service partner for RWO GmbH since 2016. We are one of their 40 global service stations. Our services include: 

  1. Troubleshoot/Repair,
  2. Authorized Deckma OCM(OMD) calibration
  3. RWO equipment health check

N&P Maritime has an extensive inventory for RWO/Deckma consumable spare parts such as coalescer filter, absorber polisher, zinc anodes, gauges, desiccators and more, in our warehouse.

We are able to provide same day delivery and there is no minimum order requirement.

Contact us at and/or +65 97684033 if you have any questions.

*RWO GmbH has been supplying future-proof made in Germany solutions for marine water treatment for over 45 years. Their product portfolio includes equipment for the treatment of drinking and process water as well as systems for pollution prevention such as oily water separators or sewage treatment plants. RWO is a technological leader in the field of oil/water-separation with over 16,000 units delivered worldwide. More than 40 global sales and service stations.