Video Advertisement

Francis Wong
Francis Wong
Managing Director
Creating no-code websites and informative articles, such as this one, is what I enjoy. I also have a passion for search marketing and SEO.

To create our first Youtube Video Advertisement, we contacted ITE College Central, School of Design and consulted the lecturer in charge Mr Suffian about our requirements for making Youtube Video Advertisement.

We had a simple plan; we wanted to create Youtube Video Advertisements with the idea to create awareness in order to attract new clients and we wished that this project will be made by young local talents that wish to apply what they had learnt in school into real world projects.

We discussed for a couple of months and finally applied for interns to embark on this project. The project was started in late September 2020.

The interns Darren and Wyley were consulted, tasked to come up with the creatives, video taking and editing up to 3 videos for us.

After weeks of discussion, brainstorming and video taking, the first video was uploaded on 16th November and generating hundreds of daily views.

We hope that we will continue the good cooperation with ITE Singapore and its students to come up with new videos every year for Advertisements and/or Internal training