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This serves as a confirmation for your service order.

Our average service time required is 6 hours. In case you have short port stay, please let us know so we can send more technicians to try to complete the work faster.

We will follow up with the boarding agent to attend to the vessel punctually. We appreciate that if any reschedule or changes to the vessel schedule or agent change, kindly keep us informed at your earliest convenience so we can be kept updated.

To avoid unnecessary surprises and delays during the inspection service, we have created the following check list, we estimated the amount of time we can save by completing tasks off-site. This way, we will not overload the crew on inspection day.

A Friendly Tip - This webpage is designed to be printed as softcopy to PDF so you can send to vessel, if required. ❗ Remember to save to PDF file, print background images and scale to 75%

Pre-inspection Check

To avoid unexpected surprises, ensure that previous year's recommendations and repairs are completed and well before the inspection date, the Safety Officer onboard should carry out a basic pre-inspection check on the boats and davits, he should advice if any deficiencies are found
Expiring items should be replaced or at least a requisition order placed for replacement

Estimated time savings: 10 - 120 mins
Document preparation

If previous year's inspection report are emailed to us prior to the inspection date, we are able to prepare our work report, inspection check list & statements in advance before attendance to the vessel. Therefore, we will not need to request previous inspection report from the crew and no need to make the report onboard.

Estimated time savings: 30 - 60 mins
Sprinkler Test for Tanker Lifeboats

Sprinkler test should be done within 30 days, photograph with date to be provided upon request by Classification Surveyor. Based on our past experiences, most surveyors will not request for sprinkler test to be carried out if it has been done within a 30 days frame.

If sprinkler test to be performed in anchorage on thr day of inspection, please contact us for test procedure.

Estimated time savings: 60 - 120 mins
Items for Service Work

Our technicians will be bringing necessary tools for the inspection. However, some commonly items that can be found onboard vessel, we will require from ship. Appreciate if the following list of items can be given when our technicians arrive on your ship.

1. Rags for cleaning davits
2. Grease
3. Safety Harness
4. One Crew assistance to take photographs for ship's copy. If you require
5. Air hose and Pneumatic Wire Brush
6. WD40 or Similar product

Estimated time savings: 30 mins

Do you know? Contractors working in shipyards will need to apply for a permit to enter and work in the shipyards. Average waiting time is 3 business days for the shipyard to process the permit.

If your ship is going to a shipyard for docking and has 12 hours in the anchorage before entering the shipyard, please let us know. We can send our team to the anchorage to perform as much work as possible and finish up the remaining items after the permit is approved.

Estimated time savings: 1 - 3 days
Communication Information

Kindly advice boarding agent's contact details to follow up with vessel ETA and boarding instructions
Classification Surveyor's (if applicable) contact details to communicate our job onboard and send any documents requested
Any other important parties' contact details to liaise with

Email to or Whatsapp Jonald at +65 90990823

in safety we trust

N&P Maritime is Bizsafe Lvl 4 certified and our technicians are trained & instructed to exercise safety in their work
In the unfortunate event that our technicians are found not practising safety in their work, please feel free to inform us
We will take remedial actions to educate our employees to prevent repeat offences
Contact person in case of safety breach - Francis Wong
Whatsapp: +65 97684033